Name: Maegan Theroux
weird crush: Mark Stone

Beautiful,a bit of a posh boy but sure as hell has balls of steel. Mark won an Emmy for his coverage of the war in Afghanistan, has an extensive knowledge of the middle east conflicts, and always seems to be the first to get anywhere.

Although not your normal kind of hunk, his north face jumpers and side swept hair make me quiver and get a little too excited. Knowledge is beauty, and this man wins.


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Name: Bunny Lake
Weird Crush: Ben Drew aka Plan B.

I debated as to whether to put this up because I though it’d be quite an acceptable, common crush, he’s not unattractive or anything but every time he’s on telly and i shout “oh he’s so hot” people around me tend to ask “why do you like him???”. He’s wrong because he is just not my type. I generally don’t go for guys who look like they might beat me up. He swears too much so i don’t think I could bring him home to mummy dearest. I can see hundreds of Ben Drew doppelgangers if I went down the local pub or a night out in Liquid but this one, this one is special. he can sing. I didn’t know this till his most recent album full of motown inspired music which is just laaaaaavly (give it a listen) and when asked what natural gift would he most like to possess he answered “the gift to make other people happy by telling jokes”, melts your heart doesn’t it. Also I think I fancy him cause he reminds me of Tom Hardy who I also have a mega crush on but is less weird. It must be the bad boy image.

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Name: Bunny Lake
Weird Crush: Jamie T

I’ve crossed the street to avoid people that look like him. He looks like he’d try to steal my purse BUT a quick background check (on wiki of course so take it with a pinch of salt) shows me that he went to an independent boarding school, which basically means that out of the two of us, I would be the one who would gain more if i was to steal his wallet. Ok his teeth aren’t great and he definitely looks like he’d stink of weed. Part of me is unsure of whether to like him simply because he’s fashionable. Fashionable (in that londony/dirty/chavvy/plaid shirty/looks like he’s put no effort in but probably has spent all day on this look kinda way) and that threatens me because unfortunately the only people i know who dress like this are arrogant fuckers. But I’ve read and seen interviews with him and he seems like a genuinely nice guy who is so UN-arrogant its actually quite shocking plus he has a fuck off cute smile. I love his music and his taste in music and think he would be fun to hang out with so Jamie, you ever find yourself wanting a good time in a poopoo town in West Sussex, give me a call.

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Name: Bunny Lake
Weird crush: Jonathan Loughran
Picture 22

This isn’t weird because he is ugly or too old to function but mainly because hes not exactly “well known”. Hes pretty much one less spoken line from being an extra, yet i still noticed him and his crushability. He mainly appears in Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison films. When you start developing crushes on people who are friends with famous people you know you are really clutching at straws. That being said he gets a fair amount of screen time in an episode of Undeclared and he has a little cameo in Deathproof but probably not enough to warrant the amount of time i have spent googling his fine ass in hope of finding something to ogle over.
I have a mega crush on him because he is SO manly. If you heard the guys voice you would understand (check it out here at about 00:52 ) Hes tall and big and phwooarr. thankyou please.

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Name: Bunny Lake
Weird Crush: Joseph Simmons aka Rev Run of Run D.M.C
Oh god I am verging on being in love with him. I’m borderline obsessed with the programme Run’s House on MTV. I feel slightly guilty writing this because i think his kids are awesome too and I’m sure they wouldn’t like the idea of a 19 year old totally crushing on their dad. I think half the reason i like him so much is because he is the creator of one of most awesome kids on TV, his son Russy.
Joey, and yes i will call him Joey because that’s what his wife calls him and I like to think me and him are tight like that, has all the qualities i like, hes got a sense of humour and a strong set of family values, he’s wise but quirky and has a damn good set of teeth (i really like good teeth, its almost a dealbreaker). I can’t really explain what it is about him that is funny but this video may give you a little insight. Trust me, in context it’s funnier and we all should know i like a man who can make me laugh.

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Name: Minnie Bygott

Weird crush: Boris Johnson

I have a lot, but here’s my all-time favourite: Boris

Everyone seems to think he’s stupid, but it’s the fact that he’s actually
not that makes me want to jump him. Overwhelming political differences
aside, Boris has a lot to give a sensible woman. Self-deprecating humour,
misplaced seriousness, and a bumbling demeanour that screams “pinch my
arse”. What’s more, he’s pretty available. I mean, the man’s cheated once
– so I’m sure he can be persuaded to cheat again.

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Name: Bunny Lake
Weird Crush: Hal from Malcolm In The Middle

He is kinda sexy no? He’s certainly not unattractive. Personally i think he makes a really wonderful husband and he seems to have a million and one talents (painting roller-blading, robot building, hairdressing, the list goes on).

I’ve seen him rollerblade in short shorts and power walk in skin tight lycra and neither has put me off him or compromised his masculinity.

He’s definitely in touch with his sensitive side yet still has a bad boy streak left in him from his younger years. Pretty much the perfect guy I’d say. It actually upsets me how much he loves Louis. I’m not even sure why I’m putting him here.
It’s not weird at all.

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Name: Bunny Lake
Weird crush: Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart
The man is Charles Xavier AND Captain Picard. I find it very hard to find a reason NOT to be completely besotted with him. As the University’s Chancellor he almost tempts me into going to Huddersfield Uni and completing 3 years just so i could make it to the graduation ceremony, shake his hand, look him in the eyes and unashamedly tell him that i love him.

But is it just me or is his head incredibly pointy? I’m 99% sure that when god created him he used an isosceles triangle as his muse and he was pretty much robbed of the the lead role in the film Coneheads.
Unfortunately he is about half a century older than me and his life achievements and back catalogue of work would intimidate me into silence if i ever was to be graced with his presence.

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Name:Bunny Lake
Weird Crush: Dappy from N-Dubz

Does anyone else find those teeny tiny bum fluff moustaches which are far too close to the lip, the kind that only slimy italian waiters should have, incredibly creepy. Well i do and dappy is the proud owner of one.
He looks like someones bratty, chavvy cousin who you know you shouldn’t be scared of because they are 4 foot tall and about as hard as hugh hefner without viagra yet they somehow manage to harness their powers of spit to intimidate the bejeesus out of you. (Seriously what is it with chav youths and spitting and why is it one of the worst things ever.)
I should find his voice annoying (NA-NA-NAII) and he has a shaved eyebrow which is pretty much the douche trademark BUT he is cute. cheeky cute. And he seemed really nice on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and just gives me the impression he is the kind of guy who would treat his woman right.
Plus, even though i’m like a white female version of Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel air, Tom Jones lovin’ an’ all, and therefore I don’t really have a clue about rap music, i LOVE N-Dubz.

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Name: Maegan Theroux

Weird Crush: Hook

There once was a man called hook
he originated from a storybook
he had no hand
so couldn’t play in his band
and now he’s a grumpy old pirate.

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